CompoundTek announces plan to establish state-of-the-art silicon photonics testing services hub in Singapore

Singapore, 23 Aug 2019 – CompoundTek continues to advance Singapore’s global footprint in niche semiconductor capabilities as it moves into the final stages of formalising its plans to build a new state-of-the-art silicon photonics testing services hub. In collaboration with select government partners, the facility will centre on SiPh on-wafer testing, housing state-of-the-art equipment, instrument controls and test methodologies that are custom-built by CompoundTek and its technology partners.

Catering to the development of solutions that revolutionises data-transmission capabilities sought after in data centres, interconnectivity, Lidar, smart sensors and other high-growth applications; the testing hub is poised to serve the explosive volume production expected in the next five years. It aims to strengthen Singapore’s designing and commercialisation capabilities while driving the public-private partnership agenda within the industry.

Designed to achieve fast and reproducible optical coupling, including 6-axis probe-position optimisation and polarisation alignment; wafer probing for conventional DC and RF electrical testing in the optical domain; and supports both O and C-band; the facility will enable test of electro-optical components up to 67GHz and is ideally suited for electro-optical components for 400Gbit/s or higher.

With added on-wafer level automated Si photonics Optical/Electrical/RF testing facility, customers will be able to limit packaging costs to good dies (Known-Good-Die) only and avoid module packaging level testing turn-around time losses. This complements CompoundTek’s current market solutions in mass production volume with fast cycle-time, offered alongside world-class commercial foundry capabilities that accelerates time-to-market to achieve customers’ commercialisation goals.

The facility, manned by the company’s technical experts, will combine CompoundTek’s existing capabilities in SiPh commercialisation of technologies and its partnerships with global renowned research institutes.

More details on this exciting expansion, to follow.

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