CompoundTek & Ansys Case Study: 3-sigma statistical support with CML integration

Singapore, 15 June 2020 – CompoundTek set out to deliver 3-sigma statistical support to provide customers with best-in-class PDK models that are representative of CompoundTek’s proprietary manufacturing process. The goal was to deliver to the marketplace, statistical support with minimal time-to-market, and the company looked for innovative ways to improve its processes for the development and maintenance of PDKs. We combined our know-how with Ansys CML Compiler, a solution for increased automation for building and maintaining compact model libraries (CMLs).

In this CompoundTek-Ansys case study, several areas are explored, demonstrating a better fit of the simulation results with the actual performance. This provides a more accurate prediction of the actual chip performance and yield. With the CML Compiler enabling integration of CMLs with 3rd party EDA tools, customers can link their INTERCONNECT schematic to the layout and perform electro-optical co-simulation.  

Read the full case study here.

Read this technical article of our efforts with Ansys/Lumerical  on developing new ways to improve one of the most complex photonic components, the SiPh grating coupler, by shortening the design cycle and minimising component size to reduce costs to the end user:

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