CompoundTek & Ansys’ PDK Version 2.0 with 3-sigma model launched, offering Design Verification Cost and Cycle Time Improvement

Singapore, 10 Feb 2021 – CompoundTek Pte Ltd, a global foundry services provider in emerging Silicon Photonics (SiPh) solution and Ansys, a leading developer of photonic design and simulation tools, announce the release of CompoundTek’s Process Design Kit (PDK) version 2.0. With the vision of enabling best-in-class photonic circuit simulation for customers, the version 2.0 PDK Component Model Library supports 3-sigma statistical models in Ansys’ Lumerical INTERCONNECT. Its design is based on CompoundTek’s actual measured 8” wafer-level data of Si/SiN waveguides, both on passive and active photonics components on its SiPh 8” fabricated wafers.

A total of 39 new components in both O and C wavelength band; SiN based Mux/DeMux, terminator, Polarization Rotator Beam Splitter, VOA, SiN based platform etc., are added in this latest PDK release. Nominal compact models have been added to the Component Model Library to enable circuit simulations with these new components. All models are calibrated against measurement data to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Customers now have access to the 3-sigma statistical model based on the actual wafer measurement data and can factor in the variation of the actual performance when designing their products. A better understanding of the design margin based on the 3-sigma model can now be achieved without the costly and lengthy process of running a process corner check on the actual product, saving both time and money. Enhancing their Design For Manufacturability (DFM) and shortening their time to production, at a much lower cost, the PDK version 2.0 also adds 3-sigma statistical data to 30 active models including photodetectors, ring modulators, and Mach-Zehnder modulators. A better fit of the simulation results with the actual performance results in a more accurate prediction of the actual chip performance and yield.

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