CompoundTek Continues to Gain Solid Traction and March Forward with Customers Globally

CompoundTek continues to forge forward in their thrust to be a top silicon photonics foundry service provider in the world!

CompoundTek has gained significant customer traction since joining the OFC18 conference in March this year.  CompoundTek is now servicing twelve commercial customers, of which five are multi-billion entities. These customers span across various market segments and applications from data centers, telecommunications, interconnectivity, quantum computing to artificial intelligence, biomedical and automotive. Some has signed business agreements with CompoundTek towards mass production in the second half of 2019 to 2020.  

On top of that, another seventeen other commercial customers and eighteen universities and research institutes around the world are in various stages of discussion towards either their first MPW or full-reticle runs with CompoundTek.

CompoundTek’s success in customer traction shows that the silicon photonics market is picking up speed. “The interest has grown beyond silicon photonics transceivers.  Customers feedback that they choose CompoundTek as their foundry services partner because of cost effective MPW/prototyping , fast development  and turnaround time. More than that, I believe it’s because we always strive to give best-in-class customer service and response,” said Paul Chia, Head of Business Development in CompoundTek.

CompoundTek provides the critical 2-in-1 services where both technology development & mass production capabilities are done within the same world class fab facility.  This improves cycle-time and enables seamless progression from development to mass production.  “This is possible because we generate the IPs and knowhow ourselves and we have a remarkably close cooperation with our strategic partner, SilTerra. And we position ourselves to give no additional cost for standard licensing of IPs during mass production. This is a model that I think is attractive to most customers. Additionally, our vast experience in being pioneers in the fab business, transforming fabs to achieve their full potential, and knowing customers’ needs and wants has helped brought us to this stage in successfully assisting Silicon Photonics product companies bring their designs to reality. We are excited to be at the forefront of this technological revolution and we will continue to give our best to provide the most advanced Silicon Photonics fab platform,” said Raj Kumar, CEO and Chairman of CompoundTek.

CompoundTek is silicon photonics-centric and is committed to continuously improve technology offerings and services to be the best-in-class silicon photonics foundry partner for customers. CompoundTek has an on-going research collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU’s) School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a Nano-Fabrication Centre in Singapore and strategic partnerships with numerous other global Silicon Photonics entities.

About CompoundTek Pte Ltd

CompoundTek possesses the technological capabilities to provide silicon photonics enhanced foundry services to support customers with best-in-class proprietary manufacturing processes and services to convert their designs from prototyping to mass production.  With a world-class 200mm commercial silicon CMOS foundry partner, CompoundTek supports fast turn-around full-reticle field, Multi Project Wafers (MPW) runs and high-volume mass production requirements. Additional Silicon Photonics services are provided for Customers that might require them including SiPh employee training for new hires and specific SiPh Design Service Support. For more information, please visit

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