CompoundTek joins JEDEC SiPh Qualification and Reliability Standards Task Group

Company looks to bring commercialisation insights in the development of best practices across the industry value chain

Singapore, 12 May 2020 – CompoundTek, a global foundry services leader in emerging silicon photonics (SiPh) solutions announces its participation in the JEDEC Silicon Photonics Qualification and Reliability Standards Task Group. Established to lead the industry in creating sought after guidelines, methodologies and standards for SiPh qualification and reliability, the Task Group is a new remit under JEDEC, an organisation focused on developing open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry that spans a wide range of technologies.

CompoundTek’s onboarding, at the heels of a referral by a leading system company, speaks to CompoundTek’s on-going efforts in upholding quality assurance and setting benchmarks in the nascent field of SiPh. Rapidly becoming mainstay as integrated circuits in telecommunication network solutions, SiPh is additionally a key driver to the growth of niche capabilities within applications such as sensing, bio-medical, cryptography and quantum computing.

Outlining the significance and timeliness of the Task Group, CompoundTek’s Senior Director of Technical Integration and Development, S. Gunasagar said, “In bringing together various industry experts, JEDEC has effectively enabled the advancing of know-how and technologies among an evolving global engineering community. Dedicated to achieving reliability and exacting quality standards critical to SiPh industry, this goal resonates with CompoundTek’s broader efforts to align infrastructure, foundry and test standards within our ecosystem, which in turn, improves supply chain and turnaround times to market.”

It also reinforces our belief that standards will help customers resolve cost and operational problems during technology proliferation with established guidelines rather than solving the same problems repeatedly, S.Gunasagar adds.

The company, has recently embarked on establishing Open Standards for layout, design and automation of Photonic Integrated Circuit Testing, in partnership with Keysight Technologies, Inc., and the National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center (NOEIC).

Early this year, CompoundTek operationalised Southeast Asia’s first state-of-the-art, foundry-agnostic SiPh testing services hub in Singapore to facilitate its expanding solutions’ portfolio and activities. This capability enables CompoundTek to further contribute to the JEDEC Task Group with real-world insights, market trends and challenges faced in the industry.

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