CompoundTek Welcomes Valued Japanese Partner to Deliver Next Generation Automotive Opportunity

CompoundTek is proud to deliver innovative semiconductor solutions built in partnership. So it was with great honour that we recently welcomed our valued Japanese partners to our head office in Singapore.

In this established collaboration alongside a major Japanese conglomerate, CompoundTek has been unable to unlock wider access to its innovative silicon photonics technology in the Japanese market. The most recent meeting between our organisations offered the forum to discuss and design strategy for our latest customer – a leading Japanese automotive manufacturer looking to embrace the opportunity provided by silicon photonics technology.

The design of the Japanese automotive giant’s latest vehicle model was completed in October 2018, with fabrication of CompoundTek’s silicon photonics technology underway thanks to our strategic wafer fabrication partner SilTerra. The delivery on this collaboration enables the Japanese automotive giant to leverage CompoundTek’s leading technology and processes to enable the next generation of automotive products.

The team Lead of the Japanese delegation remarked on the opportunity this technology can unlock in collaboration. “Success in delivering innovative new applications of silicon photonics propels CompoundTek, and its partners, to the forefront of industry. This means that success is built on the basis of strong technical and operational efficiency, a virtue reliably demonstrated and delivered by CompoundTek. We’re proud to build foundation for a long-lasting and beneficial mutual collaboration.”

Thanks to the valued relationship between CompoundTek and our Japanese conglomerate partner, we’re helping deliver the next generation of vehicles for an iconic automotive customer, as mass production prepares to hit the roads with targeted product launch in 2025.

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