Our Services

CompoundTek provides a world class commercial 8” foundry services with highly advanced silicon photonics fabrication techniques.  We also enable seamless porting from other Silicon Photonics foundry into our fab.  Our tools and capabilities includes:

  • ASML 1400 ArF scanner (able to define below 90nm waveguides by ArF scanner)
  • DUV KrF scanner
  • i-line scanner
  • SMIF pods Class 1 environment
  • >5,000 wafers/month capacity

We offer customized support and technical consultancy in mask layout conversion from other foundry’s PDK or process flow. CompoundTek has the silicon photonics technology expertise to help revise and support customers if the design falls short of the minimum criteria. We also offer silicon photonics electro-optic and radio frequency (RF) testing capabilities. On more complex integration of silicon photonics with others technologies like, for example, thru silicon via (TSV), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), Si complementary metal oxides (CMOS) logic, please contact us.

MPW Fabrication Service CompoundTek is pleased to offer a multi-project wafer (MPW) program on silicon photonics integrated circuit (PIC) to enable cost-competitive product prototyping, characterization of device, validation of intellectual properties (IP), and designs from various participants including fabless silicon PIC companies, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and research institutions.   Our standard MPW run is every two months and the 2018 schedule is published below including the deadline for design submissions. We also offer on-demand full wafer for full reticle field designs on a flexible schedule. Take advantage of our fast turn-around of less than two months depending on the number of mask layers.

Please note that the schedule assumes that all silicon PIC design pass the design rule checking (DRC) and that the design rules follow the latest version of the PDK. For the latest PDK version, please contact us. In case of any DRC violations, the customer shall give a waiver by the due date of each MPW run. Scheduled MPW runs will only proceed when it is economically feasible to do so. CompoundTek reserves the right to change the schedule anytime without prior notice. Please contact us for more information.

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